Speaker reminds MPs to contribute within bounds of bills

By Gary Hatigeva

OVER the past weeks, members have raised point of orders into the processes of the committee stage in its deliberations into most of the bills that were brought before parliament, since it resumed mid last month.

The house faced a lot of interruptions and point of orders that at some points, lead to confusions and this has got the speaker to speak out and reminded members to adhere to standing orders of the house and not be lead to create confusions in terms of their debates on bills.

The Speaker, Adjilon Nasui emphasised that members must ensure comments are relevant and within the utmost lines of bills and should avoid policy related matters especially, when bills are before the committee stage.

“Members are reminded in their contributions into the proceedings of the bill and ensure what they raise are not policy related in nature.”

The Speaker warned that those who contribute to the bill must stick to topics in discussions and not get into anything that amount to questioning that are also irrelevant at such stages.

He said if members wish to raise such questions are asked to instead make notices to his office so they are put in for the question and answer sessions on the floor.

Parliament yesterday experienced another lot of point of orders called by members of both the government, opposition and independent groups, which were mostly related to the procedures and standing orders.

The house was adjourned after it passed the Strata Titles Bill (Act), to this morning where it is expected to go through the Constitution Electoral Amendment Bill.

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