East Makira chiefs congratulate Ghiro on winning petition case

Chief Michael Puhara of Naharahau (far left), Chief Thomas Taro of Mami in Star Harbour (second left), Aquila Kiroto – MPA (second right) and Chief Ellison Vago of Tawaroga (far
right) congratulating their member of parliament Alfred Ghiro over the weekend.

CHIEFS of East Makira Constituency have congratulated their Member of Parliament Alfred Ghiro for winning the election petition case filed against him at the High Court of Solomon Islands.

The case was dismissed in its entirety in a ruling done by High Court Judge, Justice Joseph Foukona last Thursday.

The decision was highly welcomed by the people of the East Makira, according to the chiefs during an interview with Island Sun over the weekend.

“On behalf of our people back home, I would like to congratulate our Member of Parliament for winning the petition case.

“This is the decision we have wanted,” Michael Puhara, Chief of Naharahau in Wainoni said.

Ellison Nago, Chief of Tawaroga said the petition case was not in the best interest of their people.

“We have few remaining months before the parliament dissolves and the decision is timely. Our MP has been delivering us with projects and his election victory in 2014 was a valid one.”

On similar note, the provincial member for ward 17 of South Star Harbour in Makira/Ulawa province, Aquila Kiroto said the victory in the petition means that their Member of Parliament won by merit during the elections and had promised to continue the good relationship his office has with him in serving their people of East Makira.

“I think, my provincial office has a 200% working relationship with our constituency office and they have big plans ahead.

“The East Makira constituency office has been delivering good services to our people back home and only to be disturbed by the petition case since the past three years.”

Acknowledging the congratulatory remarks upon receiving the decision, Hon. Ghiro feels relieved and stated that he will continue to serve his people in a good manner until the parliament dissolves for the new election.

“I would like to assure my people that there are projects waiting in line to be delivered to our people and we are doing our very best to do that before this term lapses.

“The petition case took years before a favourable decision was reached and therefore, I must say I’m much more relieved that everything is now over.”

Meanwhile, East Makira constituency is the biggest constituency in Makira/Ulawa province.

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