SIWIBA – a platform for creativity and opportunity


SOLOMON Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) has been an opportunity for women to showcase their skills and creativity while contributing to their household incomes.

This is according to Ms Gayle Ramosaea who hails from Malaita and Western provinces.

She expressed that it was back in 2014 when she signed up as a member before getting into the art of producing locally inspired accessories as a craft artist.

Ramosaea explained that she decided to join the association so that she would be able to help support her husband and children.

She stressed that one major challenge in the journey has been the essence of time in juggling her roles and responsibilities as a wife, mother, grandmother and business person.

All the more, Ramosaea proudly displays her items which range from matching earrings and necklaces, the popular Langa Langa shell money necklaces to head pieces and other accessories.

Besides producing beautiful accessories, she is also involved in two other businesses.

Ramosaea was among other women who showed up at SIWIBA’s first market for 2018 yesterday at the Girl Guides headquarter.

Formerly known as Mere’s Market, SIWIBA is set to hold a total of six SIWIBA markets this year.

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