Women learn their role in the church



A rally was recently held at Takwa Catholic parish for women representatives there.

The rally was organised by Takwa parish where women learnt their role as women or mothers in the church.

Senior catechist, Mr Eddie Kaia said the objective of the rally is to strengthen their faith and their work in the church.

He added that the programme looked at supporting women to build them from their weaknesses both in the community and with parish participation.

Kaia said the rally came under the parish programme which looked not only at women, but other gender groups and church ministerial activities under the parish.

He said there were programmes also for Sunday schools, youths, men’s groups, catechist and other areas under the parish which mainly to strengthen their faith and work in church.

Kaia said women attended the rally were representing 22 Catholic communities in Lau and Mbaelelea under the Takwa parish.

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