Concerns GPPOL plains roads deteriorating

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ROADS along north Guadalcanal plains are said to be deteriorating badly, forcing Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL) landowners to call on to the responsible authority for maintenance.

GPPOL landowners speaking to Island Sun express having the feeling that their roads are being neglected seeing it to be quite a while now for no maintenance to be carried out on them.

They stated from another view that the government is only giving more focus to the roads within Honiara.

“We are calling on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) to do maintenance on the northern plains roads and other joining ones making up the GPPOL Plains which are now in very bad states,” said local GPPOL landowners.

“GPPOL plains adding having other industries being set up within its surroundings provide good contribution to the economy of Solomon Islands. For that, we think that our roads on this side of Guadalcanal Province should also be a priority for the government to maintain as well.”

The GPPOL landowners stand on the initiative as to why the roads were developed in the first place and that is to support the industries within that surrounding area.

Island Sun had been trying to get a response from MID since last week over this concern but have not received a response.