SIPA sidelines Red Cross food contract


Solomon Ports’ goodwill gesture in signing Red Cross catering service comes to an end in January next year.

This is after Ports decided to engage other local catering services in a bid it described as “sharing the service around for all food caterers”.

SIPA Chief Information Officer Ellison Pade confirmed this in an email to General Secretary of SIRCS, Clement Mauri.

Pade said the management has taken the decision not because of the service provided but because a lot of interests shown from smaller caterers who wanted to take part in providing such service.

“We are of the opinion that one and half year is enough for Red Cross,” Pade said in the letter.

“The economic impact of covid has financially affected everyone, therefore it is best to share the service around to all food caterers who have expressed their interest,” he added.

Pade said this does not mean it is the end for Red Cross.

“Maybe you can have your chance again in the future but with reduce quantity.

“You have provided an excellent and quality service, so not to be disheartened by the end of contract in June,” he added.

Furthermore, Pade said Solomon Ports is happy to renew the catering service contract up to end of January 2022.

“We will further renew the agreement if we need to following positive feedbacks and responses from staff.

“So far comments received from the general staff is very positive, in terms of food taste and quality, except that food delivery at times is pretty late,” he said.

Pade said this is the area that I see the Red Cross team needs to improve on, other than that you have provided an excellent service.

“In the month of Jan & Feb, I have noted that the food flavors and varieties served is very good.

“I will arrange for a contract to be signed anytime during the week,” he added.

Island Sun understands in 2019, few months catering services resulted in $258,000 for SIRCS.

This was for providing 250 plates a day at $35 per plate.

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