Jab list for the provinces set


THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services, through the National Medical Store has finalised the distribution list and arrangements to transport vaccines to the provinces.

This was confirmed by Adrian Leamana, acting chair of the COVID-19 Vaccine radio talkback show at the SIBC in Honiara.  

Ministry of Health and medical Services is also preparing to start rolling out vaccination to other provinces

“The national Medical Store has finalised distribution list and arrangement to transport the vaccines to other provinces in ongoing at this point of time,” Leamana said.

He said their goal is to vaccinate all eligible people especially 18 years and above.

This is very important during this time when the country has not yet has community transmission of the deadly virus, now is the country’s golden opportunity for us to get vaccinated.

On the same note, Dr Yogesh Choudhri, senior advisor to Ministry of Health of Health and Medical Services said, “Now we start the plan to roll out vaccination programme in different provinces. It will happen in first week or second week of this month.”

Minister for Health, Dr Culwick Togamana said, “Work on rolling out the vaccines to all provinces is in progress which includes distribution of vaccines and vaccination trainings for the remaining provinces.”

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