Pay your dues, Sade reminds investors


Guadalcanal Province premier Francis Sade has appealed to individuals, companies, and investors to pay up their dues to the province.

The Premier said the un-collected Land Property Rates and Land Rental Fees are usually not paid to the Guadalcanal Province and her people. 

“I therefore, appeal to every individual, companies / businesses, investors, organizations, Government Ministries, institutions and churches to respect the people of Guadalcanal and pay to the Province all Property Rates, Land Rental Fees and other legal fees due,” he said.

Premier Sade said the province needs the revenue to deliver services to its people so deserved from their government.

“Guadalcanal is and will be a home for all of us as my people and the Government will continue to avail land and resources to support national development efforts.  I expect all of us to be good corporate citizens, follow regulations and pay what is due to Guadalcanal province,” the premier said.

He said as part of his government’s revenue collection strategies, the recruitment of law enforcement officers is underway.

He reiterated last year’s speech at Visale that provinces need legal frameworks to strengthen revenue.

“The Provincial Assembly in October 2020 had Appropriate 10 provincial ordinances. The 10 ordinances are now still with the Attorney General’s chamber for months.

“I strongly request the Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Provincial Government to support Guadalcanal province to ensure the Attorney General’s Chamber facilitates the legal requirements/procedures needed and for the Minister responsible to urgently Gazette the Ordinances.

“These ordinances will help regulate activities in and improve the province’s revenue collection for sustainability of the province,” he said.

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