SINU eyes Malaita Campus at Fote


Solomon Islands National University (SINU) has set its eyes on establishing its Malaita Campus at Fote, West Kwara’e, at the former National Agriculture Training Institute (NATI).

In a statement yesterday SINU Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau issued the call for the occupants and land owners of the site to make way for the institution’s plan

The SINU Vice Chancellor said the site which once served as an education hub for the former Solomon Islands College of High Education’s (SICHE) NATI institute was a prime location and SINU aims to establish its Malaita Campus there.

Furthermore, Aqorau clarified that SICHE never withdrew the institute from Fote. SICHE only withdrew the programme and not the institute.

The reason behind the move was because it was supported in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Aqorau emphasised that the main intention to establish a campus in Malaita is aligned with the University’s ongoing expansion plans throughout the country and Fote reflects an ideal setting due to its rich history and suitable infrastructure.

“The establishment of a SINU Campus in Malaita is not just a boom for the institution, but a significant catalyst for the socio-economic growth of the province. It has the immense potential the campus brings in terms of economic benefits for Fote and the wider Malaita community.

“As envisioned, SINU will invest heavily in specialized programs such as agriculture, agroforestry, land management, and other related fields.

“These programs are anticipated to inject new life into the local economy and provide vast opportunities for the inhabitants as well as the Province.

“In light of the above, I earnestly calls upon the, landowners, the people of Malaita and the Malaita Provincial Government to rally behind this transformative initiative.

“This is a call to action for the greater good of our community, and we believe that with unified support, we can create an institution that not only educates but also empowers and uplifts.”

Meanwhile, SINU remains committed to its mission of providing unparalleled education and research.

“With the Malaita Campus, SINU aims to create a legacy of academic excellence while simultaneously fostering sustainable economic growth for Malaita and its people.” the Vice Chancellor said.

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