SIG students at SINU plead for allowance


SIG sponsored students at the Solomon Islands national university (SINU) are calling on the national government to pay them their allowance.

It is now week-nine, and they have not yet received a cent from government.

This is unprecedented, as students say usually they receive their allowance around week three or four.

Mid-semester exams have passed, and countless assignments and practicals have gone – which the students have had to do without any support from their sponsor.

The students say every day in a tertiary institution requires a student to spend – they have been forced to endure the hardship of meeting the daily expenses on their own.

They give examples of student activities which need money – research online, printing, photocopying, text books and other students cost relate to schooling.

“We wish responsible authorities speed up and process our allowance because we desperately need them because it is meant for our academic purposes.

“For semester one, no any allowance SIG students receive yet, we really affected and any failure of course it is due such delay because nowadays everything is money.

“Make it worst it’s already week nine and still we do not have course books, and it’s almost exams and allowance should not paid when semester one ends.”

Currently, Solomon Islands National University Student Association (SINUSA) is taking on strike for SINU to improve students’ welfare and allowance would be their next talk-about issue.

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