Central province ministers sacked


TWO ministers under Central Islands provincial government have been sacked last week, it was revealed in a letter by Premier Patrick Vasuni.

The two removed are the minister of agriculture and lands Polycarp Galaigu (MPA for-west Ngella, ward 8) and the minister of tourism Richard Vulo (MPA for central west Ngella, ward 2).

Contacting Mr Vasuni was not possible yesterday however, the deputy premier for CIP confirmed from report on Ngella’s social media Forum (Ngella Forum) that they were charged on the allegation of “unethical behaviours and repeated verbal threats of removing the current Premier”.

The deputy premier said their replacement will be done soon in which Kevin Liu (MPA for north Savo, ward 13) is to take on the agriculture and lands ministry while Matthew Taravu (MPA for south-east Ngella, ward 6) for tourism. Both sacked ministers will now join the non-executives.

Mr Vasuni in his letter to Mr Galaigu said his actions raises the issue of instability in which what the executive government wants is stability and all members should be deemed to abide by principles of solidarity.

Recently, Vasuni survived a move for a vote of no confidence by certain MPAs.

The notice for the move was said to be invalid because there are a certain number of days (around 7) for a notice to be cleared first before such move is valid. This was however not the approach the notice for the move was presented according to the Standing Order to meet criteria.

Vasuni is now only looking forward to move the province forward in terms of development and does not tolerate such disturbances that will affect the programmes for the province.

Other MPAs within CIP provincial government support the Premier’s intention, disagreeing with the move for motion then.

“Let us not disturb the current Executive Government to lead us because we only have a short time left before the provincial election takes place,” said MPAs.

Attempts for the sacked minister’s comments were not successful yesterday as Island Sun is still striving to get their side of comments.

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