SI to adopt public health control measures practiced by other countries

PM and team briefed at the Isolation facility 1 corridor before visiting the isolation rooms
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SOLOMON Islands through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and its partners have planned to adopt and articulate effective public health control measures practiced by other countries based on SI’s context.

This was unveiled by Minister of Health Dickson Mua on Monday 20th April at the occasion of the Prime Ministers first official visit to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) to COVID facility site.

He said these measures include, compliance with instructions not to allow overcrowding in local context, family houses have an average person of seven to ten and compliance with instructions for social distancing in public places, churches, transport to maintain a one to two meters distance.

Also working from home, allowing disperse markets and more streamlined livelihood needs, hand hygiene is to be the norm of life, Financial electronic banking lifeline and incorporation of COVID-19 control and public measure through all financial electronic gateways.

And widespread testing, using an effective laboratory equipment and information management system throughout the Solomon Islands, rational use of Personal Protection Equipment’s (PPE), health system pre-positioned stockpiles of supplies and consumables and linkages into a robust control and command centers.