Peoples budget vs political budget

DEAR EDITOR, I am a true Solomon Islander and I am writing in the name of all the tarungas in Solomon Islands on the above subject as oppose to national security.

My subjects on security is paramount, for without security all shall be void.

Back to subject; I am making reference to an article by AATAI John Laungi in Sunday Star Issue last Sunday.

He was making reference to the real peoples felt needs and the only funding that was felt and seen by populace in Solomon Islands.

The PCDF through the Ministry of Provincial Governments to provincial assemblies.

Indeed the 2018/19 budget is not the ‘peoples budget’, it is ‘politicians budget’.

It was crafted with hard decision on politically motivated election targeted.

People are very cynical about it. Luck vision, brutal to honesty, while electorates are crying for honest leadership, parliamentarians are looking at policies on short-terminism as oppose to long-terminism.

People in the country wake-up from sleep.

Monies generated from your sweat and donated funds are only swallowed by your National MPs.

You have 172 wards in the entire country, more than the constituencies that are reaping you without your notice.

Leaders of this country are denying the real life of Solomon Islanders.

You know as I know, whatever we may raise either formal or through media targeted at those in the round house, will never end up in the mature brains up there.

Never. Instead, they will walk against it.

But, mind you, the trend of how RCDF and other discretionary funding are dishing from the hands of our leaders, is a national security threat.

The greatest fear is that arms are in one sector of our Force and who can counter.

It has happened it will happen. Leaders know your people and slow down.

Clyde Bosawani’o

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