Selective committee to oversee infrastructure developments welcomed


TALK with the current Premier of Choiseul Province Watson Qoloni regarding appointment of a Selective Committee to oversee infrastructure developments is welcomed.

The Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Choiseul Province Ward 12 at Varisi Lavata Nerio Ulemiki welcomes and support with much enthusiasm the bold move by the MPA for Tavula Ward and the Former Premier of Choiseul Province Clement P Kengava for taking an initiative by talking with the current Premier of Choiseul Province regarding appointment of a Selective Committee under the Provincial Standing Orders to oversee infrastructure developments in the province.

He said infrastructure developments remain lagging behind for the last 26 years so in order to pave a way forward for infrastructures development around the province such as on roads, bridges and wharfs then calling together the Provincial and National governments,   Aid Donors, landowners and other stakeholders for that matter is a must.

“Choiseul Province already had a plan in place for infrastructure developments such as on its roads, international seaport, international airport and the township but lacked a body to continue making a strong push in order to make infrastructure developments happen.

“Therefore I support the call for a Selective Committee in order to make a strong push on Choiseul Bay’s Township and other infrastructure developments of the province,” said Ulemiki.

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