Big Mountain rewards fans with epic show

Quino put on his best performance
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BIG Mountain has made a stunning performance mostly playing its reggae hits songs about revolution and romance hyping up the hundreds who turned up at the Heritage Car Park Hotel on Saturday night.

This is Big Mountain’s second visit to the country, and fans agree that this time round was better than the last.

Before the main stage show, local bands Jaro, Soul Jay, Davu and Amy also put on a magnificent performance blending the Solomon style of music with reggae.

Big Mountain started playing at 10pm till 2am, and within this timeframe, number of the band’s hits were played melodiously to the reggae fans in Honiara.

Big Mountain during the show also did a video shooting for its new single called ‘Distance Between Us’ and it was framed to video the crowd.

Bass guiter for Big Mountain always give smile to the crwod when playing

With their revolutionary songs, the band used the opportunity to advocate for West Papua through their songs together with Free West Movement in the country.

Big Mountain’s lead vocalist Mr Joaquin Quino McWhinney made a call saying ‘Free Papua; we are one people sharing the same rights under this earth’.

Meanwhile, the biggest roar of the night is ‘Baby I love your way, ‘Sweet Sensual love’, where do the children play, ‘Resistance and the new single ‘distance between us’.

Shooting the video single Quino said to the crowd that they are creating history and it will be played live on YouTube when the film is completed.

Quino put on his best performance

“We enjoy playing together for a long time, and really like family. We have a lot of fun playing together but when getting a reception like that in Honiara it inspires us,” he adds.

When people are getting into the music as well, it makes us more comfortable to express ourselves and perform without any boundaries and this is what we want to do.

He said Big Mountain’s messages in its music are very important with aim to give people full life experiences.

Big Mountain drumer
Keyboard behind the Big Mountain melodies
Two band members of the Big Mountain
Local reggae superstar Soul Jay.
Amy, a local artist
Big Mountain fans who part of the show on Saturday