Second vax dose has minimal effect: Choudri

Technical advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Yogesh Choudri
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The effect of the second dose of the covid-19 vacccine is minimal, says Yogesh Choudhri, senior health advisor.

Choudhri says this in response to findings that most people who got their first jab, did not return for their second.

“We would request the people to start coming for their second dose of vaccination starting from June this year,” he said.

Choudhri said there are people he spoke to and they said they have some side effects of the vaccine so they are not coming to get their second jab.

“But that is not true with the second dose actually you will get very minimal side effects so we would seriously encouraged that people to come and get their second dose of vaccine,” he said.

Choudhri adds there are 58 thousand doses of vaccines still remaining, this includes both Sinopharm and AstraZeneca COVID-19.

He confirmed in few weeks of AstraZeneca will be coming in the few weeks as well. Pfizer will be shipped later next month.

“So far, no adverse event reported on the vaccine, most of the events are mild and they are being expected in terms of pain in the arm, head ache, body ache those are the side effects that are being reported,” Choudhri said.

He stressed for country to reach 90 percent coverage a target to aimed to re-open the border ,the country will be needing 334000 people to get vaccinated.