Ngati applauds road transport board

Councillor for Vura ward in Honiara Reginald Ngati has acknowledged the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for reigniting the responsibility of looking after roads within the city.

He said this is important for the Road Transport Board (RTB) under MID to apply rules and regulations for public to abide by.

“As a Councillor I’m pleased as this is a good impression to see changes that will put a stop to bad practices on roads.

“We have witnessed there are illegal humps been created, houses built along roads and drainages, but through the RTB I believe we can have control and try to reorganise the city into what we expect,” he said.

Ngati further called on the Minister of MID to consider Honiara City Council as the authority within the city to be part of the Road Transport Board.

“HCC needs to be part of and made aware of such developments so it is important for HCC to be included in the RTB,” he said.

He said the HCC’s works division use to do such programmes but since MID has taken back the responsibility, it will be proper if HCC can also be part of it through the RTB to be more inclusive.

He added working together with the Councillors of the 12 wards will be very important as each ward have their advisory committees who have direct link to the people to best address these issues.


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