Schools’ cooperation essential for parasite awareness


Mr Jiun-Jye Wang, Ms Hui-Yu Hsu, Taiwan Health Center leader and Professor June-Der Lee.

TWO Taiwanese experts from Kaohsiung Medical University’s Department of Parasitology through Taiwan Health Centre in Honiara on Sept 17 held a Parasite Seed Teacher Training workshop at St Nicholas College.

The workshop began with an introduction of parasites and care by National Referral Hospital’s Director of Nursing, Selwyn Hou.

This was followed by a talk on Parasites Health Education by Jiun-Jye Wang before Dr June-Der Lee carried out training for teachers on Malaria, Amoeba and Specimen collection.

Jiun-Jye Wang’s talk on “Parasites health education” focused on various parasites and their prevention measures.

Students, staff and teachers present at the workshop got to know about different names of parasites, how they are contracted and what to do to avoid infection.

Wang briefly talked about parasites namely; Ascaris lumbricoides (Giant roundworm), Enterobius Vermicularis (pinworm), Hookworm, Taenia Saginata (Beef tapeworm), Taenia Solium (Pork tapeworm), Diphyllobothrium Latum (fish tapeworm) and Hymenolepis nana (dwarf tapeworm).

Stressing on, Ascaris lumbricoides or “Giant Roundworm”, he said that it occurs globally but is most common in tropical and subtropical countries.

Wang added that the parasite is highly prevalent in areas of poor sanitation and where human faeces are used as fertilizer.

He stressed that to prevent infection from Ascaris lumbricoides, you must avoid touching soil that might be contaminated with human faeces, wash your hands with soap and water before eating or preparing food and wash, cook, or peel vegetables and fruits before consumption .

Speaking to the paper yesterday, Wang voiced that it is important for schools to be aware about parasites and how to avoid infection, most especially by education young children about personal hygiene.

He said once they grasp the concept, they will be able to maintain it as they grow older thus contribute to the reduction of parasite infection cases.

Wang furthered that they look forward to working with other schools and emphasised that solid cooperation with schools is essential so that they can work together to raise awareness while at the same time promote personal hygiene.

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