Symptoms of parasite intestinal infection more severe for children than adults

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SYMPTOMS of parasite intestinal infections is more severe in infants and children than adults, it is reported.

This is according to Professor June-Der Lee, from the Department of Parasitology of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH) in Taiwan.

Speaking to the media yesterday at the Taiwan Health Centre in Honiara, he explained how one case of parasite intestinal infection can upset a child’s nutritional intake and lead to more serious condition.

Professor Lee stressed on intestinal obstruction as an example.

He said that when there are so many round worms (Ascaris lumbricoides) in the small intestine it will lead to a disease known as intestinal obstruction.

In relation, Professor Lee expressed that this leads to the child’s inability to absorb any nutrient because most of the nutrients are absorbed by the roundworms.

Eventually, he said this results in malnutrition.

“Sometimes intestinal obstruction causes death,” said Professor Lee.

The expert from Taiwan with colleague, June-Jye Wang both from KMUH will be in the country for two weeks.

Already they have conducted intestinal parasite prevention awareness and teacher training workshops in three schools in Guadalcanal province.

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