Rubbish trucks for Gizo soon

Western Provincial capital Gizo
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GIZO Town Council (GTC) is expecting five vehicles to improve its operation and services.

Council Clerk Charles Keli confirmed to Island Sun Gizo office in an interview earlier this week.

He explained that donors will donate two two-tonne tipper-trucks, one waste water truck, one three-tonne pick-up truck and a garbage compactor truck.

“Currently GTC has one garbage compactor truck and the vehicle is designed for soft rubbish or residential rubbish but it’s not working at the moment due to mechanical problems,” Keli said.

He said the two tipper trucks will be used for collecting hard rubbish which includes timbers and also other solid wastes while the waste water truck will be used to pump waste water on residence within Gizo town.

 “I received green light to get a three-tonne Waste Water truck. An application has been submitted and from conversations, the outcome of the application looks positive.

“GTC has never owned such truck and it will be a huge bonus for Gizo to get one.

“Gizo town has been and continues to grow with lots residential buildings erected within the town. This justify the need to get one waste water truck,” Keli said.

“This vehicle can also be used to deliver fresh water to residences if leaders decide to change its function,” he added.

Keli said the three-tonne pickup truck will be donated by UN Women under the Market for Change Project.

He said focus will be on rubbish collection at the Gizo Market.

“Rubbish at the market are different from residential rubbish. Rubbish at the market are left behind by vendors who brought their products from the surrounding communities as such the truck will focus on picking up and disposing of the rubbish.

“We encourage vendor to sell their products to get income to support their needs but our problem is to collect the rubbish. This is where the need comes in,” Keli said.

He said negotiation had been made and UN Women through the Market for Change Project has confirmed to donate.

Keli said his office is optimistic that a kind hearted donor will donate a garbage compactor for rubbish collection vehicle.

He said his connection during his term as the Clerk of Honiara City plays a vital role in bringing the equipment to Gizo.