Biula School maps out business for this year

Biula School Board members
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BIULA Provincial School Board met on Wednesday this week at Noro to discuss and map out the school’s business for this year.

Five agendas which includes 2020 Financial Report, School Development Plans and School Policy were brought before the board for deliberation.

Two reports which includes a disciplinary case and assistance towards the school was also presented under Any Other Business (AOB) session.

Presenting the Financial Report, Biula School Accountant (Busser) Peter Chanel told the board that the school was operating without a budget in 2020 adding the impact of COVID-19 was challenging for the school to stick to business.

However, he stressed that the school managed to pull through the academic year with great success.

Chanel said the school recorded surplus though poor turnover of revenue collection and unaccounted payments.

He explained that the surplus will be factored to the school’s development aspiration this year.

School Principal, Frank Nagu said Biula School has a number of development aspirations earmarked for this year.

“We are looking at repairing our staff houses, fencing our girls’ dormitory, construction of beds on boys’ dormitory, improvement of shower and ablution blocks and farming.

“On farming, we are planning to go into piggery, poultry, root crops and vegetable farming.

“Our major development is our hydro power to which consultations are underway,” he said.

Nagu adds that the school’s long term plan is looking at venturing into reforestation – planting local trees, kava and betel nut farming.

He continues to say that the School has established and also strengthened its policies in terms of discipline and respect of school properties.

Nagu said some of the priority policy is reinvigorating teachers and students arrival on school after long holidays so as returning school properties before leaving schools on holidays.

“We realised that teachers and student’s arrival has been very poor beginning of year and this must be improved.

“School properties such as laptops have also been removed by former teachers and this must also be stopped by way of strengthening the school’s policies,” he said.

In his speech, Chairperson of Biula School Board, John Hopa acknowledges the principal and school treasurer for the tremendous job.

He said the welfare of the school and its development aspiration can be achieved through greater cooperation.

Hopa said the Board will continue to join force to help the school in its business.

Principal Officer of Western Province Education Authority, Freedom Tozaka said school policies and regulations must be respected.

He said parents and guidance must also respect the school’s policy and regulation.

Tozaka also acknowledged the school principal and school treasurer for the job well done in 2020.

He said Western Province Education Authority is looking forward to work closely with Biula School in its endeavors this year.

Biula Provincial Secondary School is owned by Western Provincial Government and has been providing education opportunities to thousands of students since its establishment.