Respect each other despite political differences: PPC Kili


MALAITA PPC Superintendent Lesley Kili has called on Malaitans to embrace each other despite differences in their political affiliations.

The call was made following a recent arrest of a man who allegedly obstructed a candidate – with the use of force, from campaigning in one of the villages in Aoke Langa Langa constituency.

He said the man supported a particular candidate and did not want other candidates to campaign in his village.

Kili referred to the action as a crime in itself, and appealed to Malaitans to refrain from such action or other actions that would impede election processes.

He said the country upholds principles and values of democracy including freedoms of speech, assembly, choice, but within the perimeters of the law.

Kili said this is why candidates must be allowed equal opportunities to campaign without any form of obstruction.

He said the choice of who to vote is an individual right, and candidates also play significant roles through political campaigns that could decide the choice.

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