MFMR acknowledge media’s role


THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) has highlighted the crucial role the media plays in promoting transparency, accountability, and communication regarding marine resource management.

Acknowledging the significant contribution of the media, MFMR Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, Patterson Lusi emphasised the importance of disseminating information to communities and the wider world.

“Their efforts in disseminating information to communities and the wider world are crucial for fostering understanding and engagement in marine resource management initiatives,” Lusi said in his speech at the launch of the Solwata Blo Iumi Campaign recently.

With the launch of initiatives such as the Solwata Blo Iumi Campaign toolkit and its distribution nationwide, a participant of the toolkit launch workshop expressed the need for media coverage to document the impact the toolkit will have on coastal communities and the resources.

“We need the media to document how we will carry out workshops and awareness in the communities so that people have a fair knowledge on how we are trying to manage these resources,” Apunepara Haamwaora Natural Resource Association’s operation manager, Reginal Watesau told Island Sun.

More so, Mr Watesau hoped that upon his return to South Malaita, he would be able to help a lot of other coastal communities apart from his own.

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