Vella retired public servant calls on candidates to address women issues


A retired female public servant has called on candidates to recognise the issues affecting women.

Beverly Aaron of North Vella La Vella constituency has urged candidates to always consider women’s concerns when they come into power.

She emphasised that while the choice ultimately lies with the people, whoever wins should prioritise women’s issues without fail.

Issues affecting women are significant and leaders should not neglect addressing them.

Ms Aaron, who retired a year ago, noted that in her community former MPs had addressed the water issue, but proper sanitation still needs attention.

When asked about her views on women being candidates, she said that any woman aiming to successfully contest the National General Election must understand the issues in rural areas.

Female candidates must invest more time with the people and treat everyone equally to secure victory in the election.

Aaron said in her constituency, putting women into power will take some years as people’s mindsets need to change, while women can contribute to positive change, the mindset of voters must change.

She emphasised the need for cultural and mindset shifts among rural populations before women can achieve success.

She also stressed that even if a capable woman contests but fails to recognise or be kind to the people during her lifetime, rural support will be lacking.

Despite the challenges, she urged voters, especially women, to make informed choices on April 17.

She emphasised that it is the responsibility of everyone in the village to make wise decisions when it comes time to vote.

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