Resident of Honiara to comply with HCC by-laws: Court


RESIDENTS or people residing in Honiara are obliged to comply with City By-laws.

Magistrate Hayniel Max made the comments in court when he sentenced a woman of illegal hawking in the streets of Honiara.

Magistrate Max said provisions under the Honiara (Hawkers) By-laws are created purposely to regulate and control business activities within the perimeters of Honiara Town.

He said the By-laws must be respected by residents of Honiara to avoid inconveniences to town users and daily commuters, to garner equal opportunities and responsibilities to esteemed business service providers, that to prevent unnecessary loitering, and to elude uncontrolled and the cluttering of unlicensed small money-making schemes or services in Honiara.

Max said people need to understand that HCC is the body authorised by law to create, regulate and implement such laws as it is for the good and order of the Town.

“We seldom tolerate such offending in the highest degree possible. However, a petty crime is still a crime given the reasons for its commissioning, degree of seriousness and purpose of enactment. Obviously, the Council is as taking steps to criminalize and prosecute offenders is a sign that this issue must not go unnoticed to any given court of the day”, Magistrate Max said.

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