Renbel ready to offer a better Solomon Games

DEAR EDITOR, as we await an outcome from the meeting between the govt caucas and NOCSI, I thought I’d share some information re previous Solomon Games hosted in other provinces for our information.

To start with I’d say that none of those SGs were better prepared nor offered better support services to athletes, officials and guests compared to what Renbel has prepared to offer.

In previous SGs most play grounds/facilities earmarked for competitions were largely existing ones that were either upgraded, cleared or cleaned only weeks or even days before the kick off dates.

Some sports like volleyball, swimming, boxing, beach sports and other minor indoor sports had to scramble or improvised to find an area to host their competitions.

Food was not fitting for sports men and women as they were tea/milo with navy biscuits for breakfast, rice, noodle and taiyo for lunch and again for dinner. Sometimes lunch is navy biscuits and luncheon meat, or if we’re lucky cabbage, fish or chicken, but this were rarely offered.

Most of the time there were food shortages either daily or/and when contingents are waiting to return to Honiara or their provinces. Some teams bathe in empty 44-gallon petrol drums filled with water and some used the sea.

Mineral water was the main drinking water coz water supplies were either dirty or just unsafe to drink. Some lodging areas were without proper beddings, not even a mat on offer.

Some rest rooms were very unhygienic yet athletes/officials just have to use them because they have no choice. Transportation were disorganised and sometimes unreliable.

Security was left to the good behaviour of the public. Ceremonies were often late, disorganised and more than often flat. So the list can go on. Of course we acknowledge that there were also some good things that did occurred, but they weren’t much beyond the excitement of winning medals.

Point is Renbel has learnt from these shortcomings and shortsightedness and are prepared to offer a better tournament compared to previous ones.

Nick Hatigeva

Vice chairman for Renbel SG Committee

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