National youth policy launched in Auki



MWYCFA youth development officer Mr. Methodio Iapara.

THE national youth policy 2017-2030 has been launched in Auki during the Youth Peace Building Innovation Forum currently underway in Auki.

During the launching, Youth Development Officer for Malaita and Isabel provinces for the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) Mr Methodio Iapara said that the national youth policy and its associated framework for youth development and empowerment was officially launched by Prime Minister Rick Hou and the Minister for MWYCFA in Honiara on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

“The opportunity of this provincial launching also gives us a chance to reinforce the important messages that embraces the views and aspiration of our young people in this new national youth policy and redirect ourselves as individuals as leaders, as a province and as a country on how best we can rise above our challenges to advance youth development and empowerment forward and into the future.

Iapara added that in 2016, the MWYCFA commissioned a review of the 2010 -2015 national youth policy and commenced the process to develop a new 3 tier policy framework for youth development in Solomon Islands comprimising a national youth policy 2017 – 2030, a new strategic frame work for youth development in Solomon Islands and a national youth employment and entrepreneurship strategy.

“This national youth policy 2017-2030 and strategic frame work for youth development in Solomon Islands (SFYDSI) are the first two of the documents from the 3 tier policy frame work for youth development.

“The MWYCFA pursuit of a new three tier policy frame work for youth development in Solomon islands exemplifies the government’s commitment to transform the country’s youths and adolescents into effective and positive force for nation building that ensures every young person in Solomon islands is given the opportunity to contribute to the social, cultural, economic, political and spiritual development of the country.

“Ensuring effective mechanism to support youth empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship are key strategies in the new three tier policy frame work.

“The national government is committed to pursue appropriate measures to address youth development and empowerment throughout the country.

“This policy has been guided by the country’s long term vision and mission espoused in its 2016-2035 national development strategy by improving social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders, help creating a peaceful, harmonious and progressive Solomon islands led by ethical accountable, respect and credible leadership that enhances and protects people’s culture, social & economic and spiritual wellbeing.”

Iapara also stated that the national youth policy also provides guide for the development and empowerment of youths in the country over the next 14 years.

The new policy frame work acknowledges that strong effective, genuine and durable collaboration between government, churches, NGOs, civil societies, the private sectors, communities, families, and individuals is crucial to ensuring opportunities are created to empower young people to deal with the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

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