MPGIS supports community liaison officers induction

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THE ministry of provincial government institutional strengthening (MPGIS) is in full support of the community governance and grievance management project (CGGMP) especially for community liaison officers in Malaita.

Permanent secretary for MPGIS Mr Stanley Pirione said, “This is the first workshop of its kind for Malaita and am thankful for the support of the Malaita provincial government and the various provincial wards and communities representatives in making sure this program will be implemented smoothly in the province.

“What we learn during the course of this week are existing governing and management activities that has been on practice in our communities for so many years.

“This induction workshop will definitely enlighten us and bring us into perspective on the involvement of various community social structures that should enhanced and supported to maintain peace and harmony within our respective communities.”

He said bringing peace and harmony and to ensure citizens are governed well and having a sense of security to improve their livelihoods have been the cornerstone in every national government policy statement.

“One of SIDDCG’s major policy objectives is to ensure rural communities and stakeholders within these communities do participate and must help one another in ensuring there is peace, order, security and prosperity existence within our communities.

“I believe the same approach is also been a focus of malaita PG and I understand certain program are also underway to ensure communities must given the mandate and recognition to govern their own affairs.

Sometimes helping to facilitate such programmes to eventuate in our communities is not that easy given the limited financial resources and complexities confronting our socio- economic and governing structures.

“I reckon all of you are aware of the mandate of the SIG through the MPGIS is to support provinces to actively participate in the general development of this country and to help facilitate delivery of basic services to communities across the provinces.”

Pirione said with support from the World Bank, the MPGIS is working with provinces starting with Makira, Renbel and now Malaita and Central province to follow on establishing links between communities and the provinces with the view to strengthen service delivery and information flow, and to work with community leaders to address social order problems that have created instability in our communities and which hinders development.

Following the signing of the agreement in last August, Malaita province has taken the decision to implement the project in 15 wards across Malaita province covering all regions including Malaita outer islands (MOI).

Malaita province has also gone through the process of recruiting 15 community liaison officers to serve in the 15 selected wards.

“We hope that once the project is fully operational with support of both the province and the national government we may then expand into the other wards and communities of this province.

“This induction workshop is to bring key stakeholders to help define the scope of the role of and responsibilities of CLO’s that is appropriate for Malaita province.”

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