Red Cross commemorates 160 years of service


Today Solomon Islands Red Cross joins with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in commemoration of international World Red Cross Day.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is celebrating its 160 years of providing humanitarian action both locally and internationally since its founding in 1863. The movement continues to strive to remain relevant in a changing world of competing humanitarian demands which are continuously increasing.

This year’s World Red Cross Day will be celebrated with the theme ‘Keeping Humanity Alive’ which highlights the unwavering commitment of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in ensuring human dignity is respected at all times and that human lives are placed at the forefront of the Movement’s work.

In a press statement, the Secretary General of the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society Chris Hunuapauro said this year’s theme is significant to its core seven fundamental principles, which is the principle of humanity.

“The theme ‘Keeping Humanity Alive’ for this World Red Cross Day this year truly signifies our core principle of humanity, where the Movement exists to serve humanity, ensuring human lives and dignity is respected even amidst chaotic circumstances. It is only when we have this principle that we will truly care to make sure we serve every human being, wherever they are and whatever situation they may find themselves in,” Mr Hunuapauro said.

SI red cross highlights its commitment of beacon of hope to the hopeless  and must remain so for those who are in distress.

“The Red Cross emblem does not only symbolize the resilience of our volunteers and staff but also the access the movement has to communities and the passion they have towards serving vulnerable people within communities across the world,” the statement said.

“In the past months, in conflicts that are happening now, many of our volunteers lost their lives however this does not deter the spirit of our many volunteers who continue to remain steadfast in their commitment and passion to serve people in making sure they live and persevere,” the statement said.

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