.. USPSI Bullets FC Triumph in B-Playoffs


FLOORBALL Federation Solomon Islands (FFSI) has ended the 2023/24 season competition with presentation of awards held straight after the final playoffs on Tuesday evening at the Friendship Hall.

Moonwalkers FC claimed the champions of the A-Playoffs by beating Uncles FC 5-2 in the final, while USPSI Bullets FC claimed the champions of the B-Playoffs by beating Ha’arosia FC 12-1 in the grand final.

Prizes were awarded to the winning teams, thanked to Palm Sugar Crafts Market Cafeteria and King Solomon Hotel for sponsoring great prizes for winners of the 2023 season.

FFSI President Adam Olofson told SunSPORTS that it’s been an amazing season of floorball, adding the new season is expected to be filled with more fun and excitement because more clubs will be expected to participate.

“I would like to thank our two local sponsors for their generous support for floorball.

“We have finally ended the 2023 season that started last year and was later moved to this year following the hosting of the Pacific Games.

“We got eight clubs competing in the 2023 season and two of the clubs were terminated for walk-over,” Olofson said.

He added that the federation is enforcing tight regulations for teams affiliated with the federation in terms of competition.

“We also set aside tough regulations for the clubs, and if they do three walk-overs, the federation will issue a warning and if they continue to do walk-over matches, the federations will disqualify the teams from competing in the season.

“This season, the two teams that got disqualified in the middle of the season, are Marist FC and Unix FC.

“Both teams can play in the new season because they are not banned from the federation,” Olofson explained.

He further revealed the annual registration fee for clubs is $500.00 and all affiliated clubs must register before competing in the new season.

“This includes the new clubs wishing to compete in the new season.

“While looking forward to the new season, the main challenge is sponsorship.

“We need to secure more sponsorship to be able to support the federation with its program because we want to run our programs at the Friendship Hall,” he added.

Floorball is a sport similar to Ice Hockey, so when fewer teams are competing, there have to be two playoffs to determine the best of seven.

Otherwise, if there are more than eight teams, the competition will go straight to a single playoff to determine the overall champion.

Meanwhile, the order of presentation for the 2023 season saw as follows:

A-Playoffs finals:

1st Moonwalkers FC

2nd Uncles FC

B-Playoffs Finals:

1ST USP Bullets FC

2nd Ha’arosia FC

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