RCDF report

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DEAR EDITOR, as a citizen of Solomon Islands, I respectfully request all our Honorable Members of Parliament of the fifty constituencies to provide RCDF report of each constituency for this four year term.

It has been a concern for most constituents that there is no evidence of tangible developments in their constituencies.

They expect infrastructures such as proper roads, bridges, wharves including sanitation ie. toilets and water supplies plus other economic generating activities in their constituencies because they think funds received in the four year term are sufficient for these developments.

Providing RCDF reports from the fifty members of parliament is transparency and would clear many doubts.

As well, it is their right to know how and where these funds have been spent.

I once again urge all our Honorable Members of the Parliament to disclose reports of the constituency development funds received in the four year term to the people.

This is a call for transparency and accountability.

Yours sincerely,

Nickson Sariki