Clean Campaign, Clean Vote and Clean Election for 2018?

DEAR EDITOR, all Solomon Islanders know that every after four years, we are given a chance to vote new leaders into the big house, to represent every single citizens within each constituency, and by this, I mean every single individuals, whether voters or non-voters.

However, upon winning the election and being granted a position within the parliament chamber, some leaders can only serve the interests of their voters and family members whilst ignoring the needs and wants of those that do not vote for them.

This has become a common trend every time after the national election is over and the question I want to pose here is, how will this year’s intending candidates aim to change for the betterment of our people?

Will our people continue to vote for people who only serve themselves when they become someone up there?

Will this year’s election be any different from national general elections from the past years?

Most importantly, will intending candidates display clean way of campaigning to win the majority of votes without secretly distributing money, bags of rice, sheets of cooper roofing, tanks, and you name it during the ‘devil’s night’?

I am hoping this year’s national general election will be a whole different from the past years and our future new leaders will put into mind and heart the national motto of our beloved country, “to lead is to serve’ and do away with the ‘to lead is to self-serve’.


Patricia Kolaoi

Emalus Campus, USP

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