Care for public properties

DEAR EDITOR, generally, public properties are those amenities that the public has access to and that it belongs equally to the members of the society.

There are numerous properties that have been established by the government or the NGOs and private entities, through various sectors of the government.

These services are purposely to be enjoyed by the general public.

Although we may fully understand the purpose and usage of such goods and services, we still lack the care and concern for the protection of such properties especially here in Honiara.

The newly built road rails, footpaths and bridges are few of the many facilities that we take for granted.

There is always the misconception that it does not belong to anyone and therefore gives rise to the no-care-attitude towards the public properties where the commonly used phrase is, “ino blo daddy blo u fo u warim”.

In fact, it’s everybody’s business to care for public properties. Not only because it is paid for by tax payers money, but it resembles our living environment.

If we look after these facilities, in return they’ll take care of our needs for the services we require of them.

Therefore, the public should take ownership in looking after these properties.

Reagan Pitabelama

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