PS Rodie lauds teachers for choosing profession



MEHRD permanent secretary Dr. Franco Rodie deliver his speech

MINISTRY of Education and Human Resource Department (MEHRD) permanent secretary Dr Franco Rodie has saluted teachers for choosing the teaching profession as their career.

He this during the official opening of the world teachers day programme in Auki yesterday.

He said on October 5 each year teachers and key education stakeholders worldwide celebrate the unique and the vital role of teachers in every country of the world.

“Today we are celebrating this occasion here in Auki because teachers in the country hold a special place in the lives of students.

“For 2018 world teacher’s day theme ‘The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher’ has adopt by UNESCO.

“We should celebrate the world teacher’s day because there are over 8,908 teachers in our country today who are dedicated to help students learn.

“I am obliged to acknowledge and thanked teachers for choosing the teaching profession to help our citizens learn and the daily work in ECE centres, primary schools, secondary schools, rural training centres and in higher education institutions such as the Solomon Islands national university (SINU).

“Teachers your daily work is founded on hard work, patience, commitment and dedication usually under difficult environments and limited resources, to ensure that your students can become the best achievers they can be.

“On behalf of my Ministry I would like to thank you every teachers in the country for everything you have done to help our students learn and become the persons they are today.

“Today we celebrate the teaching profession and to acknowledge teachers who have continued to make tireless efforts to help generations of Solomon Island learners realise their potentials, hopes and dreams through learning.

“Teachers play a very important role in shaping our nation’s future by guiding their students in becoming ideal citizens.”

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