Solomon games taskforce calls for support

Gongona rugby field will host the rugby competition of the upcoming Solomon Games
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Gongona rugby field will host the rugby competition of the upcoming Solomon Games

THE Rennell and Bellona Solomon Games Task Force Committee calls for a wider support from their own citizens as they take on a challenging task to prepare for the hosting of the country’s biggest sporting gathering during November and December.

The call was made by the taskforce committee’s Vice-Chair Nick Hatigeva following the recent decision reached by the national government last week where they gave Rennell and Bellona Province the nod to go ahead with the hosting of this year’s event.

Hatigeva said the recent announcement is good for development of sports in their province and on this note, called on their people to leave their differences aside and start plan on how to make this event a successful one.

“Renbel Province has retained the right to host the Solomon Games this year, so I call on our people to leave our differences behind and start planning on where we as a people can contribute to make this event a successful one.”

Hatigeva added that there are numerous ways in which people of their province can give hand toward the hosting.

He said: “That said, I wish to call on our people to do or consider the following, which are part and partial of the scheduled games, 1. Our traditional dancing groups, tamure groups, contemporary & free style dancing groups, and our music artists to submit their names to the LOC for auditioning to be included in the ceremonies and entertainment programs; 2. Our local farmers, fishermen and bread baker’s to submit their names to the LOC along with what they have on offer for interview and selection to the group that will supply part of food for catering during the SG; 3. Individuals to submit their names to the LOC to be interviewed for the team of volunteers who will work as liaison personnel’s, drivers, cleaners, venue assistants, tour guards, MCs, etc during the course of the games; 4. Our sports men and women to continue/start with their training and preparation, and; 5. Our good people to start planning their holidays or leaves for Nov and Dec to be part of this huge event.”

The event is scheduled to run from November 26 to December 7 in Rennell and thousands of delegates including athletes and officials from the other nine provinces are expected to take part.

Hatigeva stressed that this will be the biggest event ever to be hosted in Renbel Province.

“So let’s work together to host and deliver a successful game that will be fair, enjoyable and highlights the true spirit and attitude of Avaiki that had been wrongly perceived or interpreted by outsiders through our confrontational attitude on various issues and the shortcomings of a few programs that had been poorly organized in our province in the past.”

While the event is due to be hosted by Renbel, all the technical aspects of the games will be organised by the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) through its affiliated sporting federations.

Therefore on this note, the taskforce committee’s vice-chair further stated that the upcoming games is important not only for Renbel but also does for the entire country.

“The international sporting bodies such as the Oceania National Olympic Committee and international sporting federations are watching us. They are slowly monitoring our ability to organise big sporting events.

“We must host the Solomon Games and make it happen. If we fail to host the Solomon Games then what ability do we have to be able to host the upcoming Pacific Games 2023? We might end up giving those from outside a wrong perception about our ability.”