An overwhelmng turn-out for the vaccination launch in Auki.
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Deputy premier urges Malaitans to get their jabs



SUPERVISING Premier of Malaita Province Randol Sifoni has appealed to Malaitans both in the province and outside to get their jabs.

Sifoni made the call yesterday during the launche of covid-19 vaccination roll-out program for Malaita.

He acknowledged the support and commitment of national government for recognizing Malaita as one of the priority provinces to run the vaccination roll-out program.

Deputy Premier of Malaita province, Hon Randol Sifoni thumps up as he took his first covid-19 jab on Friday during the vaccination roll-out in Malaita.

Sifoni said Malaita has a maritime border with PNG that indicate the importance of the vaccination program to the province. Also the province is one of the largest and highly populated.

“That means the entry of corona virus through ports of entries could mean a very high risk to the people of Malaita,” Sifoni said.

“We all know that health system in our country and in this province is very weak and the only possible way to prevent you and your family from being killed by the virus is through vaccination,” he added.

“My good people of Malaita province, I would like to inform you that there is no cure for covid-19. However, getting a vaccine will protect us and our families.

NDMO provincial branch officer, Mr Pearson Simi is going through some checks before taking his jab.

“The impact of covid-19 in our neighboring countries like Fiji and PNG is overwhelming. It is beyond the capacity of their health system even though they have a lot stronger health system than ours.

“Therefore, we must get our jabs,” he said.

Sifoni said the delta variant is more severe and can be easily transferrable that capable of infecting mass population in a very small time.

“Because of the extreme danger of this virus to our people, the government in its wisdom had seen the significance of bringing the vaccination program to the province.

“You will not be travelling across the ocean to get your jab in Honiara. You’ll have it right here.

“I call on all Malaitans to come forward.”