Premier Maka’a regards motion as frivolous

THE Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a has described as frivolous and unnecessary the motion of no confidence against his leadership and Government.

He said this is because the motion was moved against his Government for Unity, Reform and Advancement which has been in reign only for 12 months.

In other words, Mr Maka’a said he and his Government were being measured and judged by leaders who did not seem to appreciate the period in which “we came into power which was December 10th 2020, a time the financial status of the Makira Ulawa Province was on its knees”.

He said since being put to power, they used the first two weeks to brainstorm on the common path to collectively identify ideas to pursue as a basis for the formation of the new Government.

Premier Maka’a said these included following up of long overdue and outstanding infrastructure needs of the Makira Ulawa Province and its people like the Kira Kira Wharf, Improvement of telecommunications hiccups, Establishments of growth centres around the Province and the Rawo Bridge.

He said his new Administration wanted to give ownership of the Government to the people, and in general it wanted to ensure the voters of the MUP feel they are being served because for 36 years they have not achieved these important and crucial infrastructure services.

Premier Maka’a said the accusation that he, as Premier did not have the capacity to ascertain development was surprising after five 3-G towers are already operational and will be officially launched on April 15, work on the Kira Kira Ramp will be completed also in April and will be followed by the construction of the first wharf for Kira Kira.

Are they not development, he asked because the ordinary people have spoken highly of the achievements, adding more such projects as the Rawo Bridge and the wharf are expected this year.

 And he said the Government will further address the Mamaloni Town this year after long delays in demarcating and pegging it last year, adding town planning and physical planning once completed should allow Ministries and businesses build and develop the township so more revenues for the Province can be earned.

Mr Maka’a said these are long outstanding issues for MUP, but these are now possible following the signing of a Communiqué between MUP Government and the Prime Minister’s Office that alludes the Maka’a Administration will align its polices with the National Government.

He said people on the streets and public are happy with the achievements so far, and are looking forward for many more, adding “we are not bragging here, but we humbly think they are developments that will improve service delivery and help people to improve their living standards as well”.

And on the accusation that the Maka’a Government lacks providing an orderly, responsible and respectable governance, he said “we are a new team, humble and willing to learn as we go along and if we are not orderly, responsible and respectable, we would not have attracted the attention of the National Government, our ordinary citizens and Solomon Islands people as a whole.

“Our achievements speak for us, for instance Members of Isabel and Choiseul Provinces had asked two of my Ministers in Honiara what had we as a Government done to attract so much support from the National Government?

“And even the Anglican Bishops of the Church of Melanesia who attended the consecration of the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of Hanuato’o, Arthur Stanley Abui in Kira Kira March 23 commented very positively on the developments and my leadership of this Government.

“If outside people are seeing the good things we are providing for Makira Ulawa Province and its people, what is wrong with your eyes elected leaders?”, Mr Maka’a asked.

By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent

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