Mayor on City Clerk’s removal.

Elections would be held to replace the Lord Mayor of Honiara City Council Wilson Mamae.
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HONIARA Mayor Wilson Mamae has refuted claims he has delayed his move to remove City Clerk Rence Sore.

In response to what has been published in the media, the Mayor in a statement said the issue over Sore will be resolved in an appropriate time and manner.

“The claim is coming from someone who is not in my Executive, and what has been mentioned in regards to the removal of the City Clerk is misleading.”

“I would like to make it clear that considerations are in place and the matter will be done in an appropriate time accordingly,” Mamae said.

Mamae implied that we are all humans with conscience and such actions must be cautiously and considerably taken.

The Mayor further states that those who have issues should forward them to him rather than making unnecessary claims in the media.