Police still search for culprits behind dumping of chemicals in Tuvaruhu


THE RSIPF will continues its investigation on the illegal dumping of harmful chemicals at the Tuvaruhu community, the Police Commissioner says.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said in a press conference last week that investigation on the chemicals dumped at Tuvaruhu is underway.

“The investigation into the cause of the dumping of the chemicals is still continuing and the chemicals themselves safely removed from the site and stored in a secured location.”

Varley explained they will develop a plan as part of police’s process for disposing the chemicals safely but currently they are being locked, stored, sealed and removed from the school and community compound.

“My understanding is all the risks of the environmental hazards had been removed and no further risk to the community and I understand Solomon Water has also checked in relation to water supply and is all clear,” he said.

“So our officers did a remarkable job working under some difficult condition to fix and remove the chemical safely but the investigation itself into the dumping is still going on.”

With help from the Ministry of Environment, Police Fire Rescue, Ministry of Health and Solomon Water, Varley said they have given safe message for community and school to continue as normal.

“When we were arrive to remove the chemicals we were able to check and remove some part of the soil and take them away, so there was no further spillage or contamination left in the area,” Varley said.

25 different types of chemicals were found dumped near the Tuvaruhu school three weeks ago.

Some of them are quite toxic in relation to human health, some serious acid and other industrial chemicals.

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