Police hot on Lau Valley death case


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley has assured family members of a woman who died in Lau Valley in late June this year that police are actively investigating the case.

The assurance was made in a media conference at the Rove Police Head Quarter last week.

Varley said such case is complex, and that it has been brought to police attention recently.

He said the deceased was from North Malaita and that on June 28 she was rushed to hospital with a number of serious injuries.

He said since last week NCID have been conducting series of investigation, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses in relation to the circumstances around the woman’s death.

“The investigation is still ongoing and one of the challenges we face in this case is there was no post-mortem pathology at that time to establish precise causes of the death but we are working with doctors and relatives,” he said.

Mr Varley said their concern, there has been a lot of discontent among some member of the family and community which brought to resolution at the central police station last week.

Senior police officers, chiefs, leaders and members of the family are met at the Central police station for several hours and conducted a negotiation and consultation to work through claims of compensation and traditional issues around death of a woman.

The negotiation on behalf of the community was led with panel of chiefs and in particularly chief Robert Satu from the fishing village, Mr Varley explained.

Police Commissioner Mr Varley said Chief Satu’s senior community leaders did an outstanding job working with the families and relatives and police to come up with some resolution to allow police investigation to take its course.

Mr Varley said now everyone one understand police role to carry full investigation into the death of that woman.

“The reason for my message is to appeal to anyone who has information on the death of this woman at Lau Valley, if you had not spoken to police yet come forward and continue to provide your information to our detective from the NCID.”

“You can contact NCID directly or come to the local police station and we can facilitate that arrangement,” he said.

“To the communities, families and friends please allow police investigation to take its course,” Mr Varley said.

“Indeed our investigation team will continue to provide ongoing updates and information to the family of the decease person,” he adds.

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