Please ratify our convention: PWDSI

PWDSI staff
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The Persons with Disability office is calling again on the government to ratify the Convention on the Right Persons with Disability.  

Office Manager for People with Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI) Casper Fa’asala echoed this statement this week during the official opening of the PWDSI new office building.  

“Here we are telling the government to not be afraid to sign or ratify the convention because we are already advancing some of the articles in the convention,” he said.

Fa’asala said one example is that PWDSI has supported the government under Sustainable Development goal four in the article of Education.

“We have supported the government to ensure they have inclusive education policy and that is something significant that we have add value to support the government on.

“We have also supported the Ministry of Health and Medical service in reviewing that disability policy. Before it was disability policy but now we have inspired the government to say no you need to rename the policy because the same will depict a negative picture to the public. So that disability policy now becomes inclusive development disability policy. So, those two policies are very important in terms of advancing towards ratifying the convention,” he said.

Fa’asala said they have also talked about climate change, humanitarian assistance, and supporting women with disability.

“We already have advance implementation of the policy and of course implementation of the convention.

“So what I am saying here is that we have already advancing implementing some of the articles in a convention. So I want to encourage the government now please do not wait ratify the convention. Please ratify the convention tomorrow we need that now,” he said.