Planning urban areas

DEAR EDITOR, this is my concern about the rapid growth of urbanisation in Honiara.

As a concerned citizen and a student studying abroad, I urge the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey to look closely on how to plan urban areas properly to lessen the impacts of rapid urbanisation.

Currently, there has been concerns about rapid urbanisation in Honiara.

A total lack of Urban Planning is putting pressure on land, housing, services and transport but many people have to face the risk because they have no other choice but to move to Honiara mostly for employment and education purposes.

Reports have showed that population growth in Honiara will triple from its current figure in the near future.

Proper Urban Planning would allow national development if well managed and would also minimise the challenges it has brought today.

People could have enough space to settle in and find new jobs to improve their standard of living and students could get access to proper education.

Transportation and other communication services could be a win-win situation for urban and rural areas suppose there is strength to have them improved through planning.

I urge the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey together with the public and the Government to engage in supportive partnership by expanding access to services, investing markets in Honiara and supporting proper urban planning processes for communities experiencing rapid urban growth.


Maria Fa’arodo

USP Emalus Campus

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