Congratulations Walton Naeson

DEAR EDITOR, may I through your newspaper convey hearty congratulations to one, Walton Naeson, for having almost single-handedly resurrected the Gold Ridge Mine?

It is not an easy feat. But he did it.

It must have been particularly difficult and very discouraging when politicians were steadfast in their opposition against you. Naeson persevered and won, if you like to call it that. The reason is clear. Naeson was determined and focussed in his endeavour to achieve for his people what others might have ignored.

It is my sincere hope that current Members of Parliament of Guadalcanal work closely with Mr Naeson for the good of all the people of Guadalcanal and indeed for the common good of the people of Solomon Islands at large through the government.

I know Naeson and a number of us worked hard in years gone by to resurrect what is now GPPOL. GPPOL is what it is today because someone had a vision to turn things around. Naeson did and I congratulate him unreservedly.

Alfred Sasako

West Honiara

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