All Renbel contractors failed and incapable, wrong perception

DEAR EDITOR, many issues in the media pertain to this tiny province, especially the mining issue and the construction issue that are hotly debated in Facebook as I wish to contribute.

Yes, while agreed with you (critics), one thing we must not forget and that is Renbel province is not capable in all facets. My critics, on day one, Renbel province was not qualified to take up its political status, due to our small population, lack of infrastructures development, lack of technical resources personal, lack of everything. So really the basis of our political status, both province and constituency was due to nothing but total disqualification. For information many from other sister provinces have expressed their dissatisfaction as to why are we given this political status, when we are too small. That question remains unanswered up until today. So my critics, talking about disqualified and incapability, that where we are includes you (Critics).

The province then now trying to deliver its services via various sections and divisions. However, construction industry is just one of many industries that are available and used to deliver the much needed services to our people. Comes, the Education sector which has the biggest work force in the province, yet comparing its output, it was not that match. Few teachers who are quite vocal about those issues failed to realise that you are also contributed to the failure, and should voluntarily withdraw from the teaching services as you really failed the education division. Comes the Agriculture and Fisheries, which are again, unnoticed until today. Another area is the Security Services. Evidence shows that our force are not capable, critics, why not you call for foreigner to take over our force? Medical Services, although they are doing their best, many areas are still failed, critics why not you call for foreign intervention? I can continue but critics, call for a total overhaul, because as you’ve perceived, we are all incapable.

Anyway, those of us who look beyond, despite of failures, and strong criticism, we cannot just give up! We have to try it again, otherwise, as mentioned, not only the construction industry but all sectors in the province are all failed, therefore we must not give up.

Suggestions made by most critics to give away the opportunity to foreigners (other provinces) has just shows their misconception, delusion and misapprehension. On that note, I just wish to suggest to all critics, that if you think that our people are incapable and cannot perform, then why don’t you try it. This is an open tender, and again, it is more advice that you try it.

Winning a project or awarding a project is one thing and having this opportunity is another. The opportunity of awarding such project to our own people, will help our own resource people to participate in our infrastructure developments. It will give us the opportunity to build our own capacity building and improve our skills and knowledges. The cash will remain in our island and will boost other small businesses. It will bring employment opportunity to our own people. Last but not the least, if we are to prepare for the state government then it has to start now. Let alone failures as part and parcel of the whole process but doesn’t have to stop our progress, and our desire to move forward as a province.

To those who have failed your project(s) in the province, now we have a task to do, complete your project so that we can silence our critics. Not because we are subject to them, but know most of your one-talks, are very good at talking without contributing anything to the province.

Yes, whether we accept it or not, this is our project and our share in the national distribution, as you will hardly see any of our local contractors contracting in other provinces. Those provinces will always prioritize their own local contractors. My friend, we need to understand that our people need this employment opportunities just as much as they need these infrastructure development here in Rennell and Bellona province. You will also note that unlike other provinces, our people do not have that much to drive our economic activities in this province besides carvings. Actually this is one of the earning means is through this industry but if this inducement and tipping practices are taking it course, then we’ll continue to deny and suppress our people’s determination to progress.

Finally to our leading government, Hon Singamoana, and your executive, we cannot allow this opportunity to slip off. You just have to take some pride of the people that you’ve represented and allow our resource contractors to take up the challenges as we hope for the best.

Thank you

Fredric Puia

White River

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