Drink and drive


As concerned citizen and a victim of this continuing exercise, I wish to remind the responsible authority to monitor drivers who drink and drive, endangering our lives in our towns’ streets.

Drink and drive is an ongoing issue and is very common amongst both the young and old male drivers and most recently females. This mafia like behaviour is dangerous and will cause death not to drivers alone but to the passengers, pedestrians and other motorists.

This exercise was decline when police introduced the use of breathalyser to check on drivers who are under liquor. However, there are still few who have the ‘’No care attitude’’ roaming the street chill-out drinking and driving, especially on weekends. No wonder every accident took place usually fall on weekends.

Drink and drive takes many lives away. It is a dangerous and unlawful practiced indeed for drivers. Drivers must bear in mind that they are the ones stimulating the transportation service in town day and night and as a sole citizen. I strongly encourage their service provided for us is comfortable and safe.

Having the police around monitoring drunken drivers especially on weekend’s night will help reduce the risk on the lives of frequent road users.

I urged the responsible authority to keep on monitoring our streets to ensure there are no drivers who drink and drive and I strongly encourage all good motorist to be a role model to their service and stand firm to campaign for brighter future and a free- accident town.


Jeremiah Teiraru

USP, SI campus.

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