Pelican Express to resume services to Auki

MV Pelican Express.
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THE Malaita provincial government has granted approval for the Pelican Express shipping company to resume services to Auki.

This came after deliberations were held on the company’s operation license following the inclusion of their new vessel, MV Express 96.

Deputy Provincial Secretary for Malaita province, David Filia Tuita confirmed this to Island Sun yesterday.

““This week the executive has met and agreed for the Pelican Express to resume its shipping service to Auki,” he said.

Tuita said the approval came following challenges encountered by the shipping service to Auki since last week.

He said at the moment only the Auki Express, Taimareho I and Pelican Express are operating passenger services to Auki.

Thus, Tuita said the engagement of Auki Express with the US floating hospital, MV Mercy in Honiara and the ceasing of Pelican’s service to Auki has resulted in a shipping challenge.

He said these two boats provide regular services almost every day to Auki, except for MV Taimareho with only one or two trips to Auki per week.

Tuita said  upon approval, Express 96 – the new vessel of the Pelican Express Company will be serving Auki as of this weekend.

He said the other boat, Pelican Express is current on maintenance and as soon as it is done, it will join Express 96 to provide service to Auki.

Tuita said Pelican Express shipping company has a valid operating license with the province and will expire by the end of this financial year, March next year.

He said that the Auki Express will also resume services to Auki after their engagement with MV Mercy maybe in two weeks time.