Police deny split in force

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and Correctional Service officers assemble during the joint demonstration with China Police at Rove field recently.
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POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau has denied claims the Royal Solomon Islands Police officers is falling apart because of the presence of Australian and Chinese police in the force.

Mangau was responding to questions asked during a press conference yesterday over Police unity given the organization’s work with both China and Australia Police forces.

But Mangau denied any disunity, saying they are working closely with their partners, the People’s Republic of China Police and the Solomon Island Assistance Force made up of Australia and its partners.

He said they are working with them because of security interest and not geopolitics.

“Those countries that come in and work with us are our bilateral partners and we work with our security partners on strategic interest of the country and basically on security interest, where police can boost its security capabilities, and capacity and there is no issue with partners and agencies,” Mangau said.

He said the RSIPF has no issues working with the PRC police and SIAF.

“We work closely with them and identify which areas of policing they can support and assist us, so that we can increase our capacity and capabilities, so RSIPF is working well with everyone and the two agencies,” Mangau said.

He said those partners came in to support RSIPF after what happened last year and to look at building the capability of the officers and assisting the force.

Therefore, it is an advantage for the RSIPF to have worked along with SIAF and PRC, Mangau said.