‘Parliament road’ a failed project: Maelanga

Solomon Islands National Parliament
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MINISTER of Infrastructure Development Manasseh Maelanga has confirmed the abandoned road development from the Girl Guide area up to the western precinct of Parliament was a ‘failed’ project.

Maelanga confirmed this in Parliament during the discussion on the development projects around Parliament in the Committee of Supply yesterday.

He said a company owned by the current Premier of Malaita Province; Daniel Suidani cleared the road up to Parliament.

MID has given the project to Suidani’s company to construct the road to help Members arrive at Parliament in time due to the ongoing traffic jam on the main road.

Members of Parliament are still to use the road until today as MID has halted the road development.

However, former Prime Minister and MP for Small Malaita, Rick Hou said it is good that the road is closed because when it was in operation, he had struggled to drive up the road.

Hou, also Chairman of House Committee, said people looking after the road told him to go down the road and reverse up.

“I actually reversed up the hill and just reached the middle and decided to drive down,” he added.

Hou said at one time he was advised to reverse his vehicle up the hill but it abruptly stopped on the middle of the hill.

Speaker of Parliament, Patterson Oti said discussion is ongoing.

He said an approach is made to one donor to respond to the requirement of the road to serve purposes of Parliament avoiding congestion when Members come to work.