PACRA on a new direction to move Makira-Ulawa province forward


The People’s Alliance for Change, Reform and Advancement (PACRA) Government of Makira Ulawa province led by premier Stanley Siapu is setting a new direction to lead the province forward.

This is summed under the slogan “Building a Prosperous and Happy Makira Ulawa Province” adopted by PACRA with focus to bring the province to new heights.

Presenting the traditional opening speech to the 11th assembly of MUP during a full assembly meeting at Kirakira yesterday, Siapu clarified that the adopted slogan is a pillar of significance providing a foundational road map that sets a new direction for Makira Ulawa province.

He added that it is designed to address the underlying bondage that hinders fair distribution of socio-economic prosperity in the province.

Siapu said one which PACRA will ty to address is to ensure people realise their potentials by making great use of it to replace the dependency syndrome.

“PACRA government will embark on fundamental reforms and programs to empower the people of this province to steer them away from the dependency syndrome that is alarmingly infesting the rural populace, turning able into disable,” he said.

Siapu said the PACRA government will embark on fundamental reform program to prepare MUP in redirecting, reforming and transforming its major sectors to realize sustainable socio-economic development for people of the province.

He said the PACRA government also planned to address the provincial manpower gap to fully realise its policy direction and to attain its mandatory.

Siapu furthered that as way forward for MUP, PACRA government will re-establish the province’s 3rd tier governance system.

He said this is people’s government that will directly involve people’s participation in the province’s governance, let alone development aspirations.

According to the premier, MUP government only owned 2.2% of the provinces land mass, leaving 97.8% in customary ownership.

He said in a layman’s perspective, all development initiatives and projects belong to and own by the people of Makira Ulawa province.

“Therefore, central to any rural based development are the people and PACRA Government upholds the philosophy,” Siapu said.

In that he said the PACRA government believes in trying other alternative ways to boost advancement and progress the province in terms of developments

Siapu added that another area his executive will deliberate is on a sister province relationship, as an alternative to encourage economic and social exchanges and involvement for both sides.

He said PACRA government is committed to assist in private sectors in Makira Ulawa province to drive the provinces production sector forward.

Siapu said these areas include; fisheries, agriculture, livestock and tourism are the backbone of the province’s economy, where government will support the sectors through sectoral policies and ordinances.

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