PACRA announces key priorities to pursue for Makira Ulawa


THE People’s Alliance for Change, Reform and Advancement (PACRA) provincial government of Makira Ulawa province (MUP) has announced its key priorities for the progress of the province.
Premier of MUP Stanley Siapu in his traditional opening remarks to welcome the 11th assembly of MUP to a full assembly meeting at Kirakira yesterday to debate the province’s original budget 2024/2025
He said the PACRA government is committed in its pursual to realise its people are self-reliant, social and economic self-sufficient.
Siapu said in the pursuit PACRA will adopt an all-inclusive and impartial development approach to materialize the expected policy outcomes, by accomplishing the following priority segments:
• Explore the provinces legal competencies
• Capacitate and strengthen the legislature office
• Re-establish and strengthen the province’s community governance regime
• Embark on programs to empower the people
• Strengthen the provinces revenue base
• Embark on an infrastructure development program
• Enter into a foreign sister – sister province relationship
• Establish and legalize the premier’s secretariat
• Pursue a customary land registration & land use program
• Instigate and pursue fundamental reform programs
• Review and capacitate the provincial public service cadre
• Prepare the provincial government to adopt the federal government system
He said the province’s political and development journey will not be easy, but with people’s political will, determination and well-planned programs and policies, the people will receive and delivered.
Siapu along with the mentioned priorities the PACRA government will explore the legal competencies provide for in the Provincial Government Act 1997, Solomon Islands Constitution (Ch.12) and the province’s attained devolution orders (1,2&3).
He said these will equip the government to manoeuvre in exercising its policies, instructions and ordinances.
Siapu also said another area PACRA government will work towards as part of its priority is to approach national government to provide transport logistics support and assist the province with a fleet of road maintenance machines to maintain run-down roads in the province.

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